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LebeL History

Partnerships with overseas brands led to
the establishment of LebeL

The LebeL cosmetic products brand have its origins in two key business developments.
One of these was a hair care products market survey in the United States that later led to a partnership with Clairol.
The other was a hair dryer import contract with Wella, which later led to become a distributor of Wella’s leading hair care products.

Based on these developments, we built up a track record in the cosmetic products industry. The company later dissolved its partnership with Wella, and in 1977 established a technical tie-up with Goldwell, leading to the launch of the LebeL cosmetic products brand. Among the hit products in the initial LebeL cosmetic products series were Top Model and Silky Touch Freem.

  • LebeL’s product lineup
    back in 1979

  • Silky Touch Freem (1983)

Grow as a brand that fulfill design needs

LebeL developed high-end, premium-quality hair care products ideally suited to professional use, with a product lineup that has expanded from pro hair salon products like perming agent and colorant to include popular hair care and styling products for general consumers as well. LebeL consistently lends an ear to feedback from hair professionals, and has grown as a brand that fulfills hair design needs. We also put considerable resources into marketing, moving swiftly to analyze user needs. All of our products are currently manufactured in Japan according to highly stringent quality and safety standards.

  • Natural Hair Soap Series

  • IAU home care

  • Hair Color MATERIA

  • PLIA

Sincere approach for research and development

In 2006, we transferred our R&D facilities from Osaka to Shiga offices, establishing the Cosmetic Products R&D Center in an approximately 950-square-meter space covering two floors. At the Center, we engage in not only hair care product R&D and related business, but also in quality and safety management of new and existing products, constantly seeking to better fulfill every aspect of our responsibility as a cosmetic products manufacturer.

Support for training that boosts professional skills

LebeL do not only manufacture and sell products. We also launched the LebeL Winding Contest in Japan in 1981, and today we host the nationwide “Dream” competition, which consists of four parts with the addition of the Weaving Contest for dyeing techniques and the comprehensive hair, makeup and fashion Design Awards (with ladies’ and men’s categories). We offer wide-ranging support for young beauty professionals by offering seminars, lectures, and various opportunities to hone their skills.

Environmental conservation efforts

LebeL engage in a wide range of activities with the goal of minimizing salon work’s impact on the global environment. In 2000 we obtained ISO 14001 certification at multiple sites (plant, R&D Center, Head Office building, Technical Center, sales offices throughout Japan, etc.), and we continue making proactive efforts encompassing all aspects of our business.


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